Apart from water supply as well as sewage collection and treatment, Water Supply, Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Company “WOD-KAN” Sp. z o.o. in Mława also offers a wide range of additional services, including:

Services involving water supply network:

  • water network connections,

  • removal of water network failures on the mains and connection points,

  • connections to the water mains,

  • connections of PE pipes by means of electrical resistance or butt joints,

  • measurement of efficiency of fire hydrants on external networks,

  • installation and disassembly of hydrant stands with a water meter,

  • measurements of pressure on external networks,

  • determination of the water network route,

  • disinfection and flushing of the water network,

  • pumping water out of wells and chambers for the purpose of water meter reading,

  • adjustment of underground water network installation (hydrants, casings, boxes, etc.),

  • localisation of underground water network installation (e.g. shutters, hydrants, vents, etc.).


  Services involving sewage network:  

  • unblocking and cleaning sanitary sewage network by means of pressure method,

  • maintenance works on sanitary sewage network installation, including: replacement of inspection hatches, repairs of inspection chamber stacks, replacement of damaged chamber cover plates, repair of inspection chamber base units, replacement of hatch steps, etc.,

  • cleaning of inspection chambers,

  • inspections of sewage network along with evaluation of technical condition,

  • detection of illegal connections of ducts to the rain and sanitary sewage systems as well as other illegal connections to the sewage network.


  Other services:

  • replacement of water meters damaged by the service Receiver,

  • installation of additional water meters,

  • visual inspection of water meter functioning upon request of the service Receivers,

  • technical commissioning, including verification of proper installation and sealing of connectors, screw connections of additional water meters,

  • equipment lease:

    • trucks - dump cars,

    • excavators,

  • underground ramming by means of “KRET” device.


For details please contact as at:  23 654 60 70