Scope of business

The scope of business of Water Supply, Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Company “WOD-KAN” Sp. z o.o. in Mława is specified in details in the Company’s Articles of Association. Apart from a wide range of activity, the company’s core business includes:

  • ​intake, treatment and distribution of water,

  • sewage disposal and treatment,

  • works associated with construction of transmission pipelines and distribution networks,

  • preparation of water and sewerage systems,

  • engineering and associated technical consultancy.


Apart from pursuing the above business activity, the tasks of the company include maintenance of the high standard of services by guaranteeing most reliable functioning of the water and sewerage systems managed by the company. The priorities in this area are as follows:

  • guaranteeing continuous production, distribution and quality of the supplied water (water distributed under proper pressure, with required efficiency and with the best possible microbiological as well as physical and chemical parameters), including efficiency of investment costs and future operation costs,

  • guaranteeing continuous sewage collection,

  • optimising the sewage treatment process,

  • optimising energy generation-related costs and maintenance costs of infrastructure connected with the basic business activity.